Yokosuka's own street party
Yokosuka Sunday Street
Yokosuka Sunday Street is block party born under the initiative of designers and creators who work mainly in Yokosuka and the Miura Peninsula. Proposing "LOCAL PRODUCTION of DESIGN FOR LOCAL CONSUMPTION" and planning as a showcase for newly expressing the area with the power of design and creative.

At the venue, you will enjoy the Miura Peninsula’s local foodstuff which the producers directly sell, food tents with great menu used local ingredients, flea markets such as clothing, secondhand books, LP records and antiques by local shops and also DJ creates good vibes with good music all the time.

Yokosuka has developed and coexisting with people abroad. "Yokosuka Sunday Street" is a place for foreigners living in Yokosuka to enjoy it and make it a place to communicate with Japanese people. For that reason, we will have guides in English and respond to payment with dollars.

These attempts are proposals of lifestyles from designers and creators rooted in the Miura Peninsula. Please expect our party which had never existed in Yokosuka.
Yokosuka Sunday Street 2017 撮影:渡邉 凌馬
We are promoting to spread “ambition of food” and “enjoy food” to the world at the foot of Ogusuyama. We grow and sell vegetables whose body is healthy and pleased. Web
DJ BAR SHELL who has established a club scene in Yokosuka, opened a drink booth and, we joined DJ, also.
Tiger sell a special menu which is a Yakiniku restaurant operated by a meat shop that has been in 100 years. We say that we provide the best meat in Japan! Web
Miura Peninsula Food Network, Shokusai Network, which introduces the “Fresh and delicious seasonal food”, opens Marche. You can buy vegetables, marine products and souvenirs! Web
Let’s relax and try tarot fortune-telling in the comfortable space. You may see a fun future.
Good vibes and Yokosuka gourmet transmission base “Paradise Moaimo”. Check it out everyone, autumn Yokosuka will change to a tropical country by our cuisine. Web
We are a 100-year-old Yokosuka butcher who promotes “Love & Meat”. Meat dishes using local ingredients will warm your body. Web
Pink Pony Cafe has many fans with borderless excellent and creative dishes. We opened a store with nice cuisine and cotton candy “Watagashi” stands. Web
The long-established liquor store in Yokosuka “Hitomoto” opens special Japanese sake bar. A sake sommelier selects and offers your favorite sake. Web
Thrift shop “Disconchi” at the entrance of Mikasa Park sells a used record and clothes. Trying to find your favorites and bargains! Web
TSUNAMI, the most popular shop in Yokosuka that provides authentic American burger taste, will show off the kitchen car for the first time this time. Please enjoy Yokosuka Soul Food! Web
YUSAN popular with Japanese food using seasonal ingredients of Miura Peninsula is opening for the first time! Please expect from the menu of Japanese that will make you feel spring. Web
We offer fresh superb coffee beans, which is only 7% domestically distributed in kitchen cars, in a freshly grinded freshly baked cup with a hand drip carefully  Web
Saquita, which is open to events mainly in Zushi, delivers the taste and familiar tastes I met on a trip with fresh vegetables and tasty ingredients.  Web
Children of Yokosuka · Bilingual · School will serve as guides for foreign guests. Feel free to inquire in English!  Web
Boasting a kiln-baked pizza and Italian wine. We also sell Italian dishes and homemade chili oil and dressing.  Web
A craft beer "Yokosuka beer" born in Yokosuka that was born last year is also decided to sell! Yokosuka pride is included in the taste!  Web
Misaki 's queue store Misaki Donut opened for the first time this time! A handmade gentle sweet donut is sure to become a fan if you eat a bite!  Web
A famous store that knows exactly how moti is! If you eat stew mottled in a signboard menu, you will also drink sake.  Web
ignuts who is producing warm cloth sundries. If you are watching a craft with vegetable as a motif, I will smile ♪  Web
Handmade accessories and tsukimoto selling Asian old clothes and miscellaneous goods. There is also one point of goods so do not miss it!  Web
Based on leather and embroidery threads UhBarChang to make unique handmade accessories based only on. Each sense glows. Web
yoshinico who produces lovely accessories and miscellaneous goods. Cute ♪ such as shell pierced earrings Web
Laui who creates original pottery etc with the concept "happy in everyday life". You may find only one favorite in the world ♪ Web
PannaHome strives to disseminate street soccer performance at a special court. You can also see Supoo Pley of Mr. Sio who won the 2016 American World Cup! Web
Fisherman at Hayama · Shinnase. On the day I sold fresh Sazae pots grilled and Sazae rice which I took at Sagami. Other, salt seaweed seaweed, boiled octopus, active seasoning etc. Web
Tuna wholesaler Misaki Mie Suisu will open a snack food using Misaki Tuna. "Easier, fun, delicious fish to dinner!" Is the theme! Web
Oil painter who holds atelier in Zushi "Honma Ryoji".On the day, we held a workshop on a can badge and magnet production using a live print of silk screen drawn down and original canvas. Web
In FM Blue Shonan, we will set up a request song reception booth.Why do not you play your wish on the radio with your favorite songs?Web
Music Selector
DJ 仲山慶
Discoboy J.U.N
Event name:Yokosuka Sunday Street
Event date: Sunday, April, 8, 2018
Open time: 11am - 6pm
Venue: Sennichi street in Yokosuka-chuo (next to The Tower LIDRE Yokosuka)
Sponsorship: SUNDAY STREET Executive Committee
Co-organaized: Institute of LIDRE shouten-kai / Miura Peninsula Shokusai Network
Support: Yokosuka City / Yokosuka Down Town Club
Sundays-SUNDAY STREET Executive Committee-
Haruyoshi Kuwamura onTheHammock
Sachico Kuwamura onTheHammock
Takashi Noji laboratorio
Kei Nakayama ULTIMATE 4TH
Yoshihiro Awaz Happy Go Lucky


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